Jul 06 2016

Case Study: Expandable Drilling Reamer Completes Latin American Reaming Operation after 92 Circulating Hours

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In one trip, reamer enlarges 2,003m section from 9 5/8” to 10”

Ream tight spots over 368m of 12 ¼” rat hole, below the prematurely set casing shoe, before underreaming 1,635m of pre-drilled 9 5/8” hole to 10”, to section TD.

A customer in Latin America needed to underream a long predrilled 9 5/8” hole, but also had 368m of 12 ¼” rat hole. The application would require the reamer to be robust, to maintain reliability through the unstabilised 12 ¼” section prior to underreaming the pre-drilled 9 5/8” hole. Obviously, the reamer needed to reliably deactivate once the operation was complete.


Run the Paradigm Expandable Drilling Reamer with Premium PDC cutters.


Using the 8” Paradigm Expandable Drilling Reamer, with 10” cutters, the 368m of 12 ¼” rat hole was reamed without incident; other than noting regular torque spikes due to chert and abrasive sandstones. The 1,635m of 9 5/8” hole was reamed out to 10” over just 42 hours of drilling and 92 circulating hours. Post-operational analysis of the run indicated the reamer performed perfectly, meeting all the operational objectives of the application and the customer successfully ran the casing. Upon inspection, the Paradigm Expandable Drilling Reamer with Premium PDC cutters was found to be fully functional, and the cutters dull graded just in Gauge.

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