Jul 06 2016

Case Study: Rebel™ - Assisting Hole Cleaning and Providing Durability in a Remote Location

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An operator in the Ivory Coast had an ongoing development drilling program, with 17 1/2” hole sections ranging 2200ft – 4900ft in length, with hole angle building from 20 degrees up to horizontal. The wells were drilled and completed horizontally with a 2700ft – 3300ft 12 ¼” hole reservoir section.


Previous drilling challenges included hole cleaning problems and running casing due to the build section and high hole angle in the 17 ½” section.


In addition to adopting improved ERD drilling practices, Rebel™ subs were to be introduced to provide additional mechanical agitation of the cutting beds while drilling.


  • The Rebel™ subs were custom designed and built to order, supplying both 6 5/8” and 5 7/8” tool sizes.
  • A total of 25 tools were manufactured in a very short timescale, providing an excellent service to the client, matched with a competitive and efficient pricing structure for long-term rental requirements.
  • The Rebel™ subs were utilised for the remainder of the development project, 4 wells in total, in both 17 ½” and 12 ¼” hole sections.
  • The Rebel™ subs proved to be extremely durable and cost effective with no additional “surprise” redress or DBR charges.
  • The total footage culminated at 21,510 feet.

Value to the client

The remaining 4 developments wells were successfully drilled and completed without further hole cleaning problems or major hole cleaning related non productive time. Furthermore the Rebel™ run charges were invoiced as planned without any unexpected (hidden) repair or redress charges.

Download complete Case Study here...

Download complete Case Study here...

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