May 16 2017

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Paradigm Technology Services Case Study Ultraline

Paradigm Technology Services announces the first UltraLine® Well Test is a complete success.

Paradigm designs and builds fully composite cables, which are deployable with field standard winches, sheaves, stuffing boxes and other pressure control equipment for slickline and wireline cables. An important advantage of the UltraLine® composite is the significant improvement in strength to weight ratio over industry standard cables, giving far superior load capacity at greater vertical depths and longer laterals. Additional benefits are the performance in corrosive well environments like CO2 and H2S.

Paradigm recently produced the world’s first 3/16” UltraLine® and performed a well test to operationally prove the product. Paradigm is able to communicate bidirectionally with the downhole tools, using the patented Slick-E-Line® technology. During the same well test Paradigm’s new downhole power and processing unit (PPU II), with built in pressure, temperature, downhole tension and CCL, was run and tested successfully. This robust tool is made for mechanical operations, but with real-time surface read-out.

Paradigm also ran a complete Production Logging Tool string with the following sensors: CCL, Gamma ray, fluid density, Pressure, Temperature, Inline flow, Capacitance and full bore Spinner to prove the communication. With a copper conductor as part of the UltraLine® composite, the signal strength was verified to allow high quality communications in ultra-deep wells.

The successful well test proved that composite cables can be used with standard winch technology, auxiliary equipment and the Slick-E-Line® communications.

Paradigm is further developing UltraLine® cables, such as a composite mono-conductor as well as composite cable with embedded fiber optics.

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