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Stabilised Drilling Reamer (SDR)

Deploy and underream to a specified diameter

Stabilised Drilling Reamer (SDR)

The Stabilised Drilling Reamer (SDR) features cutter arms which enable the tool to deploy and underream to a specified diameter. The arm design is optimised to give maximum performance for the underreamed size. Maximum underreaming capacity can be over 50% of the original diameter.

Operated hydraulically, the geometric design of the cutting arms causes them to lock into the open position when weight is set down. This occurs solely due to location of the pivot point of the arms within the body and therefore there are no locking cams underneath the arms. When set down weight is lifted, the closure spring will collapse the cutter arms into the body automatically. Any restriction encountered during retrieval can only assist the arm closure, offering maximum security of retrieval from the enlarged section. Cutter arms can be quickly and easily changed or replaced on the rig floor.

Jetting nozzles are available in different sizes to tailor performance to mud volume and specific downhole conditions.

Features / Benefits

  • PDC Cutting structure
  • Locked in open position using downward loading due to arm geometry removing reliance on hydraulics
  • Spring biased closure for retrieval security
  • Extended Stabilisation
  • Interchangeable Blades
  • Drop ball activation
  • Stabilised whilst drilling
  • Variable Hydraulic setup
  • Ease of maintenance
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