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High Expansion Elastomeric Plug

Pass through small restrictions and set in casing diameters up to 3.5 times their run-in diameter

High Expansion Elastomeric Plug

Plugs can be run on slick-e-line, e-line, slickline, tractor, coiled tubing, and threaded pipe and can be set in open hole, cased hole, perforated casing intervals, and gravel packs


  • Vertical through horizontal well applications
  • Rigless recompletion to new zone
  • Intra-zonal water production shut-off
  • Inter-zonal water production shut-off
  • Isolate cross-flow thief zones
  • Isolate depleted production zones
  • Temporary isolation of gas zone
  • Temporary base for sand plug
  • Temporary isolation - wellhead repairs
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