Production Logging String

Production Logging String


Fluid Density Tool:

This tool is a short, robust and reliable tool, easily maintained and well suited to e-line SRO operations or memory operations on slickline, coil tubing or tractor.

Applications / Features:

  • Low energy, double encapsulated, AM241 source and collimated design
  • Shielded detector assembly
  • Fluid Identification
  • Multiphase production profiling SRO or memory operation
  • Plug in electronics are used throughout enabling local upgrade and repair

Fluid Capacitance Tool:

Applications / Features:

  • Water hold up determination
  • Qualitative fluid identification
  • Plug in electronics are used throughout enabling local upgrade and repair

Full Bore Spinner:

Applications / Features:

  • Through tubing full bore flowmeter, one tool for all casing sizes
  • Flow and injection profiling over a wide range of fluid velocities
  • SRO or memory operations

Temp / Pressure:


  • Static and flowing gradient tests
  • Downhole leak detection
  • Detecting flowing zones
  • Injection testing
  • Gas lift optimisation
  • Drill stem testing

Features & Benefits:

  • Robust electronics section
  • “Quartzdyne” digital quartz resonator transducer
  • Redundant memory
  • Battery management system within software
  • Built-in Surface Readout (SRO) mode
  • Delta P/Delta T sampling options
  • Depth data with optional encoder

Gamma Ray / CCL:

Can be programmed to sample any or all channels at up to 32 samples/sec and can store over 500,000 datasets on a large non-volatile flash memory.

Features & Benefits:

  • High operating pressure and temperature
  • Fast sample rate for improved depth accuracy and CCL signature analysis
  • Large capacity memory
  • Can determine position of Sliding Sleeves (SSD), ie, open or closed
  • API Log format and numerous data output formats
  • 200˚C tool in development

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