Jun 08 2018

Welcome to our 1st Edition

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Paradigm Group Julian Manning CEO Paragraph

Welcome to the first monthly newscast “ParaGraph”. We will be using ParaGraph to communicate exciting company news to our employees, our customers and our strategic partners.

For those that don’t know, the Paradigm Group of companies consists of four separate businesses that operate in 3 distinct markets:- 1. Drilling Services develops and deploys tools that enhance efficiency during well drilling operations, especially challenging horizontals; 2. Flow Services provides solutions to find and remove blocks / restrictions in pipelines, flowlines and umbilical’s and has some very neat technology surrounding integrity / maintenance services for deluge systems; 3. Paradigm Technology Services designs and manufactures disruptive technologies for well intervention activities, whilst Paradigm Intervention Technologies is our own in-house service company used to deploy these technologies to Customers globally.

After being with the Paradigm for 3 months, I would like to briefly feedback on my first impressions of the group of companies and the positive opportunities that lie ahead. I have been nothing short of impressed by the passion, technical ability and the ‘can do’ attitude of the employees in all Paradigm companies. The ability to identify customer challenges and innovate a value generating solution is deeply engrained in the culture of the company and I am very proud to be associated with all of the Team.

Since joining, I have undertaken the task of connecting with many End Users / Operators to determine the level of interest for our products and services. I have been extremely encouraged by the high level of interest and but also somewhat surprised by the general lack of awareness of our full service capability. Although this could be seen as a negative, it is certainly a strong positive given the additional headroom it provides us as we get our products and services adopted. This newsletter is just one of the mediums that we will be using to fix the level of awareness of what we do and how we generate value for our Customers.

To summarise, at Paradigm we strive to be practical innovators, focusing on solving challenges through deploying simple smart solutions. We push boundaries to deliver a ‘lower total cost’ approach and with the backdrop of a recovering oil price, we are well placed to grow our business in both scale and capability. All of which will be executed under the spirit of our Company Values

Thank you for taking the time to be informed about the Paradigm Group and please get in touch if you would like to know more info@paradigm.eu

Julian Manning
CEO, Paradigm Group

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