Jun 08 2018

Flexi-Coil® removes 5000 kg of debris

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Paradigm Flow Services Flexi Coil

Paradigm Flow Services recently deployed its Flexi-Coil® system to assist a UK Offshore North Sea operator with reduced production flow issues in an unpiggable subsea flowline. The task in hand was to address the removal of heavy deposition that had accumulated in a production pipeline, riser and reception system from a subsea tieback. The heavy deposition was extremely viscous in property and consisted of paraffin wax along with solids generated though the production process. It was not possible to remove the extensive deposition with conventional chemical cleaning or mechanical pigging methods, and an innovative approach was required to clean the system from the host platform without using any intervention support vessels.

The scope of work required Paradigm Flow Services to engineer and execute a solution in a relatively short time frame. Although deck space was extremely complex and limited, the compact modular design of Flexi-Coil® allowed the rig up to take place safely and efficiently in what was an extremely challenging environment. In addition to the Flexi-Coil® operation (video), Paradigm Flow Services provided specialised high-pressure pipe cleaning services to optimise the cleanliness of the system above the Flexi-Coil® injection point, giving the client a fully integrated solution.

The duration of cleaning operations took less than two weeks with over 5000 kg of the deposition being successfully removed. In fact some sections cleaned suffered from almost full-bore closure prior to Flexi-Coil® operations.

The client, in thanking the team for “excellent work all safely completed”, specifically commended the Paradigm Flow team on their professionalism and drive throughout. “The team quickly integrated, were self-sufficient and fully adhered to our safety standards”.

Well Done to the Paradigm Flow Services Team!

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