Jun 08 2018

Meet Eduard

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Paradigm Group Meet Eduard Ooms Paragraph

Eduard Ooms | Engineer | Single | Male | 25 years, of which now 2 at Paradigm Technology Services.

Eduard is also the winner of our “Name the Paradigm newsletter” and his entry “ParaGraph” is already in use.

Eduard has a background in yacht design and started with Paradigm as 3D CAD draughtsman and is currently following a mechanical engineering degree course sponsored by Paradigm as part of its employee training scheme.

PTS’s growing order book caused him to be drawn in to the department for assembly and testing of the Slick-E-Line® downhole tools. He is currently working on the testing and calibration of the Slick-E-Line® PPU II tool which includes PTS’s new Downhole Tool Stress sensor. Every lunchtime Eduard can be seen performing trick shots on the PTS badminton court and in his spare time he performs maintenance on his Volvo.

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