Sep 06 2018

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Paradigm Group Out And About September 2018 Paragraph

Kevin Keogh was in New Orleans on behalf of our Flow Services business this month to discuss the development of its flagship Flexi-Coil® technology to provide low cost installation of in-riser composite gas lift strings for artificial lift.

A significant proportion of deep water subsea fields in the Gulf of Mexico were brought on stream in the mid 1990’s and early 2000’s and are now in later life where reservoir pressure has depleted. Most of these fields weren’t designed with modern EOR techniques in mind and the expense of retrofitting artificial lift systems is usually un-economical; Paradigm’s Flexi-Coil® is an enabling technology that can deliver a proven production enhancement solution, but at a fraction of the cost.

“This is by no means a quantum leap either – conventional Coiled Tubing has been used for this end already - but the unique and major cost saving feature that the Flexi-Coil® solution provides is ease of installation. We don’t require direct vertical access in to the riser system and can run through the multiple bends that are a common design feature below the water-line on floating installations. We’ve had really positive feedback from a number of our clients who can benefit from this solution and we’re excited to work alongside them to maximize the productivity of their existing assets, which is what we’re all about.” Kevin Keogh, Vice President, Commercial at Paradigm Flow Services USA.

Also, several of the Paradigm Group team visited ONS 2018 last month.

Below captures Brian Bannerman, International Sales Manager of Paradigm Drilling Services and Neil Simpson, Technical Director at Paradigm Drilling Services on the PDS stand at ONS2018 last month. Both said they felt the show was well worth exhibiting at and they met many contacts both old and new.

“We like to make sure we attend shows like this and exhibit as much as possible. It really allows us to showcase our products and services to a wider audience. As we are well established internationally, this is really important” Brian Bannerman explains.

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