Slick-E-Line® Central Junction Box, Ex

Slick-E-Line® Central Junction Box, Ex

This Slick-E-Line® Central Junction Box Ex is the explosion proof central box of the ParaComm™ communication of the Slick-E-Line® system. The Junction Box is used to provide both power and communication to the ParaComm™ DP panel, ParaComm™ Antenna and ParaSheave™.

The Central Junction box is fitted inside a winch unit with connectors to fit the cabled assemblies to components of the Slick-E-Line® system.

This box is designed for use in a Zone 1 explosion hazardous area (option: RigSafe).

The power cable can be either hard wired or connected via an explosion proof connector the available power source.

Download Slick-E-Line® Central Junction Box, Ex Datasheet

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