ParaComm Gamma Ray SC

ParaComm Gamma Ray SC

The ParaComm Gamma Ray (PGR-SC) module is a tool which provides a passive measurement of natural Gamma radiation of various formations or scale build up in the well by means of a Scintillation Crystal detector. This detector transforms the measurement into a count that is uploaded to the ParaComm telemetry tools that transmits it uphole through the Paradigm Slick-E-Line®.


  • Lithology determination
  • Depth correlation
  • Radioactive scale identification
  • Simple tracer monitoring


  • Rugged design
  • Scintillation Crystal detector
  • Also available in Geiger Muller detector (A1206500 for high impact/ shock operations)
Download ParaComm Gamma Ray SC Datasheet

Download ParaComm Gamma Ray SC Datasheet

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