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ParaComm Power Processing Unit

ParaComm Power Processing Unit

The Power Processing Unit (PPU) is the heart of the downhole Slick-E-Line® tool string. The PPU powers the modules of the tool string below and the PCH above. The PPU stores the data retrieved from the tool string in the memory section and at the same time data is transmitted real time to the Surface Read Out (SRO) system via the Slick-E-Line®.


  • 0.5 GB Memory module
  • Field-replaceable Battery pack
  • Shock & vibration proof design for DAQ and battery pack for conventional slickline
  • Upper head connection to 1.475” ParaComm Communication head (A1205002)
  • Lower thread connection to memory PL tools (customer requirements)
Download ParaComm Power Processing Unit II Datasheet

Download ParaComm Power Processing Unit II Datasheet

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