Stirring up cuttings & aiding their removal


Paradigm Drilling's Rebel® is designed specifically to enhance cuttings bed removal in horizontal or highly deviated wells and is part of an ongoing development process based on knowledge learned from over 500 ERD wells around the world.

Features / Benefits

  • Integral Cuttings Blades design field based on PDS Enhanced Performance Drillpipe
  • Proven cuttings bed lifting capability
  • Short body length allows subs to be racked back as part of a stand
  • One piece body offers high rigidity and better performance in compression
  • Enhanced gauge protection
  • Cuttings at surface in reduced number of bottoms up
  • Increased size of cuttings at surface (+14%)
  • No measured increase in ECD’s
  • Reduction in torque/drag and pick up weight
  • Reduce/eliminate wiper trips and backreaming
  • Eliminate differential sticking
  • Minimal tool wear (+750 rotating hours)
Download PDS Rebel® Data Sheet

Download PDS Rebel® Data Sheet

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