Next generation logging


Paradigm's ParaOffice™ software suite is a next generation acquisition software which has specifically been designed to be used in conjunction with Paradigm’s Slick-E-Line®, digitally enabled slickline, platform.

ParaOffice™ gives the field user complete control in relation to sensor sampling frequency for data that is being transmitted uphole enabling more complicated tooling to be conveyed in real-time.

There is no data loss as all data is recorded to downhole memory at full frequency.

Whilst most real-time systems log in the depth domain (tools needing to be moving to acquire data versus depth)and all memory systems log in the time domain (and have to be merged to depth versus time at surface post-log), ParaOffice™ logs everything in the time domain, including depth. This is possible because of the unique capability of the Slick-E-Line® system to transmit data up and down in realtime.

ParaOffice™ also offers a unique intuitive and easy to use interface that allows full and easy control of what’s displayed at any point in time, the possibility of plotting data at any time (like RIH, POOH and any event) and precise click and drag correlation.

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