Pinpointing Blockages

Locate blockages, stuck pigs in flowlines and pipelines

Pinpointing Blockages

We believe that the accurate location of a flow obstruction is the first step in the engineering of an effective solution to the problem. Getting reliable data in subsea pipeline infrastructure throws up a number of challenges due to the inaccessibility of equipment and cost of DSV supported solutions.


  • Facilitated by Pipe-Pulse®
  • Non-invasive
  • Cost effective
  • Locates paraffin wax, hydrate, asphaltene and stuck pig blockages in pipelines and flowlines accurate up to 1m/1km
  • Effective up to 100km

North Sea Case History

A major UKCS Operator experienced a stuck pig in an export pipeline. Pressure & volume analysis indicated a range of 4-9km from the platform; Find-Block® was mobilised to reduce the error margin ahead of an intervention campaign and correctly identified location as being 15.6-15.7km from the host facility subsequently allowing installation of a bypass.

Visit the Find-Block® page to learn more about our portable blockage location technology.

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