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The only verified dry deluge test in the world


We pride ourselves as a leading technology driven Service Company within the Oil & Gas industry and we strive to create unconventional but effective solutions to industry problems.

Wet testing has long been the industry accepted method of ensuring compliance of deluge systems. When wet testing is performed a number of problems can arise which can have a detrimental impact on an assets production.

We looked to address these problems by removing the corrosive medium of sea water from the testing process altogether. We use air to test deluge systems instead of the conventional use of water.

Dry-Flo® testing involves flowing low pressure, dried air into the deluge system. At low pressures air replicates the flow of water exactly, enabling us to take readings throughout the deluge system to prove compliance.

Our software package processes this information to give live data in both graphical and numerical format so the operator can quickly identify whether a system is compliant. If this isn’t the case the software can immediately show the operator where the issue is within the system, allowing our technicians to inspect and remediate as necessary.


Dry-Flo® has been qualified in accordance with DNV-DSS-401, Technology Management /1/ and DNV GL considers it qualified for its intended use following DNV RP-A203 /2/ and is currently undergoing Bureau Veritas and Lloyds Register certification procedures.

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