Hole Opening

Hole Opening

Hole enlargement is carried out for a number of different reasons: ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density) issues, contingency liners or casings, unstable formations, etc.

The challenges involved in doing this type of operation as significant and demand a simple and fool-proof tool to maximise efficiency.

The inherent mechanisms when opening a hole can result in increased operational challenges; robust and reliable technology is required to effectively overcome this whilst achieving the desired objectives. The tool must be capable of remaining activated whilst in highly deviated or horizontal applications, by ensuring the engaged cutting structure is not susceptible to side-load closure.

We have designed an enlargement tool that can operate while drilling ahead or on a dedicated run post drilling, and work from vertical to horizontal whilst ensuring the cutters remain engaged and operational at all times. Our simple, reliable and cost-effective expandable tool delivers results with the minimum of risk and cost to the operator or drilling contractor.

In addition, our unique opening mechanism on our technology minimises any risk of side-load closure. Take a look at our Extreamer® tool to find out how we achieve these results.

This is an optimized solution from Paradigm Drilling Services

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