Cuttings Management

Cuttings Management

In deviated, tortuous or ERD (Extended-reach Drilling) type wells, cutting beds and dunes may form as the cuttings inherently produced during drilling fall out of suspension from the mud system and accumulated under gravity. Once formed, these beds or dunes can increase ECD (Effective Circulating Density) potentially damaging formation integrity, prevent or increase the difficulty in POOH (Pull-Out-Of-Hole) operations, and also lead to poor cement jobs and zonal isolation issues.

Our simple sub-based tool developed with CNR International UK and Robert Gordon University addresses the issues of poor hole cleaning by preventing these beds from forming in the first place. We achieve this by lifting the cuttings from the low side of the hole and placing them back into suspension in the mud system to carry them back to surface. Our Cuttings Management Solutions include; Rebel® and Reamer® tools.

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