Cost-effective, accurate pipeline blockage location, mobilized globally within 24 hours


A Find-Block® survey is the bedrock on which successful pipeline blockage remediation campaigns are built.

Armed with little more than a briefcase, Paradigm Engineers can be mobilized globally within 24 hours to accurately locate stuck PIGs and full-bore flow assurance blockages to an accuracy of up to 0.1% - far more accurately than estimations made using pressure & volume data.

Find-Block® involves the recording and analysis of the pressure wave that is created during a quick, controlled bleed-off of pipeline pressure. The correlation of the known wave-speed in the fluid medium and the time taken to receive the reflection at the pipeline tie-in enables the distance to the obstruction to be calculated.

For an ever-growing global customer base, Paradigm's Find-Block® is the first choice when it comes to locating blockages, both offshore and on land, allowing rapid decisions to be made for successful and effective blockage remediation. A free evaluation of the suitability of our Pipe-Pulse® and Flexi-Coil® technologies for remediation is also undertaken during every survey.

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