Ensuring gauge while eliminating doglegs and ledges


Paradigm Drilling's Reamer® tools have been designed to offer all the performance benefits of a Roller Reamer – (Low torque “point stabilization”) 75-80% less contact area compared to conventional stabilizer, capability to remove micro dog legs / ledges and torque reduction with the use of Domed Diamond Inserts (DDI) technology. The Reamer® achieves all of these objectives whilst avoiding the historic risks associated with technology with moving components, including bearing failures, lost pins, rollers and flex due to wear.

The Reamer® utilizes Domed Diamond Inserts designed specifically for this application and are supplied by the world’s leading supplier of Diamond drilling and cutting technology. The Domed Diamond Inserts are similar to Impregnated Diamond drill bit material and designed to maximize cutting efficiency while greatly increasing tool life while maintaining gauge.

Due to the proprietary blend of Diamond and binder composition the Domed Diamond Inserts are more durable and resistant to chipping and breakage than conventional PDC inserts, likened to an Impregnated Diamond Drill Bit. The Domed Diamond Inserts are non-magnetic and can be installed in steel or non-magnetic bodies.

Features & Benefits

Paradigm’s Reamer® tools are typically provided as a string based configuration, however, Near-Bit and At-Bit versions are also available providing radial and linear reaming support helping ensure gauge at the bit.

The Reaming contact area is at least 50% greater and therefore more efficient than that offered by the market leading technology with moving components, ensuring a more efficient removal of ledges and micro dog-legs while dramatically improving stabilization. This provides an optimized borehole quality and shape due to the geometry of the near-bit and At-Bit tools, enhancing maximum steering accuracy.

The Reamer® tools can be placed at the top of the BHA, or as a conventional stabilizer replacement, to provide reaming and back-reaming capability if required when pulling out of hole as well as reducing hole damage while reducing string torque.

The fluid by-pass channels are designed to provide maximum flow by areas and active hole cleaning. Supported through the use of geometric modifications that enhance the fluid velocity and turbulent flow throughout the length of the run ensuring consistent hole.

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