Remediation of Flow Assurance Deposits

Remove stuck pigs, wax and asphaltenes from pipelines & flowlines

Remediation of Flow Assurance Deposits

When a full bore blockage arises, an operator has a limited number of choices for remediation. The absence of flow eliminates the running of PIGs or the introduction of cleaning chemicals. This usually leads an operator to explore some form of intrusive intervention which will inevitably require DSV support. We have developed two technologies which can enable an operator to restore flow.


  • Generates controlled pressure pulses which are introduced into the affected line which have the ability to break through the blockage structure.
  • Non-intrusive, topside or vessel application
  • Low cost
  • Has been used to successfully remediate paraffin wax, stuck pigs and asphaltene blockages worldwide.
  • Effective up to 100km

Learn more about Pipe-Pulse®


  • Miniaturised, flexible coiled tubing system
  • Has the ability to traverse multiple bends within a riser and pipeline system.
  • Patented revolution motor head, fitted with pigging cups, allows Flexi-Coil® to be deployed into a line at great length to reach the face of a blockage.

Can be used in the following applications:

  • Hydrate remediation
  • Paraffin wax remediation
  • Sand removal
  • Riser-Flowline de-oiling
  • Gas lift

Learn more about Flexi-Coil®

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