Revolutionizing torque reduction and BHA protection


Paradigm Drilling's Runner® have been designed by Paradigm Drilling Services as a solution to the problem of excessive drill string torque often encountered in formations with high friction factors, short radius well designs, as well as high angle and horizontal wells.

The Torque and Vibration Reduction Subs is an integral drill string component consisting of a short one piece mandrel that utilises proprietary bearing technology to support a non-rotating one piece sleeve. The tools are positioned between connections of the drill pipe and spaced appropriately throughout the build section of the wellbore or formation generating the string torque.

The use of the Runner® can significantly reduce drilling torque by between 25-40% and are also effective at reducing string transmitted and/or generated vibration.

Through the use of in-house drilling experience and also analysis using well simulation software, Paradigm have concluded that the majority of the side load (therefore torque generation) encountered in high build wells occurs over the build section itself. Dogleg severity is the most important factor in determining the spacing of the subs, therefore, placing Paradigm Runner® as recommended from the well analysis (e.g. every second or third joint) to cover the build section for the duration of the run, will significantly reduce torque levels and associated casing and tool joint wear.

The Runner® subs lift the tool joint off the casing or low side of the hole and provide an engineered bearing within the mandrel so the drill string rotates freely within the wellbore with a minimum effective coefficient of friction over the high side load interval, and the minimum of rubbing contact against the casing and wellbore.


The Paradigm Runner® Subs are designed to reduce parasitic torque in high angle, horizontal wells. They can protect casing when deployed for through tubing rotary drilling (TTRD). Paradigm has utilised Sysdrill and when provided with the proposed well trajectory can optimise numbers and placement of the Runner® Subs.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces drill string wear and fatigue
  • Minimises torque and drag
  • Minimises casing wear
  • Can help to reduce mechanical cave-ins
  • Improves drilling efficiency
  • Dampens vibration
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