Wet Testing

Established and definitive means of testing deluge systems

Wet Testing

As part of an asset safety case, there is a requirement to perform wet testing. This test allows an operator or duty holder to:

  • Demonstrate compliance and operational readiness of the deluge system.
  • Provide evidence of issues relating to debris and foreign material within the flow path.

We can provide a full spread of equipment and competent personnel to perform wet testing and can measure against:

  • System specification
  • Expected flow rates
  • Pressure
  • Functionality

As an option, during the final stage of each test, corrosion inhibitor can be dosed into each system. Using our unique and patented eductor process to cost effectively dose corrosion inhibitor during the last few minutes of the wet test. You can find more information on our chemical inhibition capabilities here.

With all wet testing we will be able to provide a close out report which would include all results from the wet testing and options for remediation works if necessary.

In recognition of the problems which wet testing can cause, Paradigm Flow Services has developed Dry-Flo®, a technology to reduce and potentially eliminate the requirement for wet testing. Visit our Dry-Flo® technology page to learn more

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