Dump Bailing

Dump Bailing

Isolate the propagation of leaks past existing plugs, give a newly set plug permanence by utilising Paradigm Intervention Technologies Positive Displacement Bailer system.

The Positive Displacement Bailer system is constructed of a series of internally flush bailer sections used to carry the cement into the well. A weight bar is released directing a swab piston through the bailer ID completely swabbing the contents at the working depth. The contents of the bailer are effectively isolated from the wellbore fluids during trip time. When used with a suitable designed cement (kit) system, the PDB reduces the possibility of cement stringing uphole as wireline is returned to the surface.

Total bailer length can be adjusted by varying the number of bailer sections to achieve the desired tool length or cement volume. The PDB can be run on Slick-E-Line®, e-line, slickline.

Features / Benefits:

  • Piston driven displacement system
  • Adjustable bailer length to achieve desired cement volume
  • System is non-explosive
  • Positive displacement ensures accurate placement
  • Cement consolidation in deviated wells
  • Clean displacement prevents channelling or stringers
  • May be utilised to displace chemicals and acids

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