Umbilical Tube Blockage Remediation

React, locate and remediate

Umbilical Tube Blockage Remediation

Paradigm's Subsea Umbilical Blockage Services (SUBS) equipment is lightweight and compact, and with a guaranteed mobilisation of 48 hours, Paradigm can ensure rapid response for your umbilical blockages.

The blockages are accurately located using Time Deflection Reflectometry techniques and our proprietary STATIS® software system that utilises bulk modulus of fluid within the umbilical, Young’s modulus of umbilical material and friction factoring to ensure an accurate location. This accurate location allows offshore personnel to determine the optimum low frequency, micro pressure pulse strategy to be used which will be ultimately be applied to the umbilical. These micro pressure pulses cause pressure propagation of the blockage and adhesive breakthrough via creation of micro annulus. This enables fluid displacement across the blockage and/or the blockage to be displaced slowly and carefully via any QC/DC’s and into the large bore flowline, manifold or well. If displacing the blockage into a flowline, manifold or well is deemed a risk, Paradigm can deploy its SUFU.

Our Subsea Umbilical Flushing Unit (SUFU)

  • Enables subsea fluid recovery without continuous vessel support during fluid displacement operations
  • DSV deployed and connected into the SDS by either diver or ROV
  • Not affected by adverse weather conditions and/or platform delays once deployed
  • Significant reduction in vessel time

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