Temporary Fire Protection Cover and Foam Testing

Temporary Fire Protection Cover and Foam Testing

Fire protection for the oil and gas industry is vital. Fire on an installation can spread very quickly and cause major damages to the facility, personnel and the environment.

Fire protection is very demanding ; there are many provision and precautions that have to ensure adequate safety while remediation work is carried out.

The fire protection team in Paradigm understand this criticality and complexity and can provide a complete trouble-free temporary solution as part of its deluge remediation services to enable compliance and continuity, whether it is ground monitors installation or foam testing.

Our fire protection personnel can assist in determining the proportioning accuracy of equipment. Paradigm kit contains everything normally needed to determine if the foam solution conformity to confirm compliance

When a deluge system is out of action or if additional fire protection is required, Paradigm can assist with the provision of short- or long-term equipment and services.

To learn more about Paradigm's Temporary Fire Protection Cover and Foam Testing, please contact us at flow@paradigm.eu

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