In-riser Gas Lift

In-riser Gas Lift

In-riser Gas Lift is a highly effective IOR method for flow stabilization to mitigate severe slugging and for improving recovery from deepwater subsea wells that have declined in pressure.

Not to be confused with Riser-base Gas Lift (RBGL) systems - which are usually integrated during SURF installation - In-Riser Gas Lift is a comparatively low-cost, retrofit solution normally involving the hang-off of steel coiled tubing inside a production riser to enable continuous gas injection.

Applying this solution on facilities that do not have Direct Vertical Access into the riser – which is required for the deployment of steel coiled tubing – has been technically challenging, costly and carbon-intensive; Paradigm’s Flexi-Coil® technology is the solution.


  • Flexi-Coil® can be deployed through the short-radius pipe bends on TLP pontoons & FPSO turrets and through lazy wave riser systems
  • Composite injection string is retrievable & re-deployable, enabling ILI campaigns and other applications that require full bore
  • Versatile surface rig-up & light-weight tubing enables deployment on even the most congested & weight-constrained facilities


  • Up to 80% lower CAPEX than the deployment of steel tubing* and <5% CAPEX of subsea boosting
  • Improve recovery from late-life or pressure declining subsea wells
  • Reduce asset carbon intensity by minimizing downtime caused by wear & tear of equipment due to severe slugging

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*where steel tubing is hung-off in-riser beneath the water-line and requires DSV support

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