Dry Deluge Testing: Dry-Flo™


Dry Deluge Testing: Dry-Flo™

In order to ensure deluge systems meet performance standards, operators are wet testing their deluge systems worldwide. Some operators are currently wet testing as often as every three months which can cause a number of issues to arise including:

  • Fabric Maintenance issues
  • Corrosion and CUI
  • Blocked Pipework/Nozzles
  • Preparation time (Bagging off plant etc.)
  • Potential shut down risk

Dry-Flo™ was developed in house and in conjunction with leading flow dynamics academia to:

  • Reduce the frequency for wet testing an assets deluge system
  • Potentially eliminate wet testing
  • Provide operator location of any issues within deluge system
  • Prevent cause of corrosive environment (seawater)
  • Prevent debris from ringmain being flushed into system causing blockages

Dry-Flo™ has been qualified in accordance with DNV-DSS-401, Technology Management /1/ and DNV GL considers it qualified for its intended use following DNV RP-A203 /2/ and is currently undergoing Bureau Veritas and Lloyds Register certification procedures.

Our Dry-Flo™ system can detect various issues within a deluge system including reduced flow path or incorrect nozzle types. Dry-Flo™ can even detect a single partially blocked nozzle on a 500 nozzle system and our patented software can direct the operator to the nozzle location.

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