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Our revolutionary Pipe-Pulse technology was designed to provide operators a non-intrusive means to remove blockages from subsea flowlines.

Pipe-Pulse is tied in to the system via a single connection point and subsequently generates and deploys controlled transient pressure surges into the blocked line to break down the structure of the plug. These pulses will result in either adhesive (full dislocation from pipe wall) or cohesive breakthrough (communication restored to enable chemical / fluid circulation).

In the Pipeline

Pipe-Pulse Max and Mini are the second generation of our Pipe-Pulse technology. Both these units still work upon the same adhesive and cohesive breakthrough principles.

Pipe-Pulse Max and Mini work on different operating principles to our current Pipe-Pulse technology with the same end result.

Mini will be able to fit within a 20ft container including its power, pump and control systems, all Mini would require is a chemical or water supply. Multiple Mini units can be paired together if required, increasing the energy pulse introduced into the effected line for the purpose of removing the blockage or restriction.

Max and Mini are still under development. If you have a full bore blockage or restriction in your pipeline please call us at +44 (0)1224 725888.

Pipe-Pulse is currently patented and owned by Paradigm Flow Services

Pipe-Pulse Max is currently patent pending

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