Nov 15 2018

In Focus: Paradigm Values: Develop: Improving our Flexi-Coil Technology

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Last month we demonstrated how Paradigm Group’s core value Develop is demonstrated by an internal safety incentive with the introduction of PULSE cards (click here to view). This month we are demonstrating how we apply our core value Develop to our technical innovations.

As a reminder, develop is one of our core values; We continually DEVELOP as individuals. We are fully open for learning and personal development to strengthen our Team.

Paradigm Group’s Flexi-Coil is a great example of how we develop technology to further improve product performance. Flexi-Coil is a miniature flexible coiled tubing system for pipeline and flowline remediation. It is mobilised globally to help operators remove blockages & restrictions from pipelines and flowlines with low disruption to production operations.

The Flexi-Coil system can go long distances and negotiate bends during its cleaning process. The system was originally designed to perform online cleaning of risers and produced water discharge pipes for relatively short distances (~0.5Km) with low back pressure.

Following the first Flexi-Coil project, although successful, it was clear that the overall system could be improved to overcome the various operational parameters and deliver greater cleaning power, travel much longer distances (~10-15Km) and snub in under higher back pressure.

So, our Paradigm Flow Services team got to work and developed an improved version of the Flexi-Coil system. The main changes include an upgrade to the overall system's power and design and a composite coil to traverse more bends and go longer distance: -

  • Greater power in the injector package to run and retrieve the coil.
  • A design of coil that has greater tensile/compressive strength, low outer sheath coefficient of friction, higher internal burst pressure, robust enough to withstand stripper pressure/seal and neutral buoyancy.
  • The control system and power pack have upgrades to make more user friendly, enable faster rig up and ensure safe operations. The state-of-the-art instrument and data acquisition package gives total accurately to control limits and forces being exerted on the coil and in-pipe tools.
  • The dual action stripper and BOP can now withstand higher snubbing and shut in pressures to provide a high level of confidence and safe live pipeline intervention.

The Flexi-Coil units continue to deliver successful projects throughout the life of asset to decommissioning. Learning has not stopped and the next phase of improvements are planned to increase the capability and deliver further outstanding value to our customers.

“Development is at the core of we do to provide technical solutions for our customers flow assurance challenges. We listen and observe what our customers need, which is exactly what we’re doing here with the improved version of the Flexi-Coil system. We can now achieve more; go around more bends and go longer with this system”.

For more information of the Flexi-Coil system, please contact out Paradigm Flow Services team on; +44 (0)1330 70077, or alternatively visit the website.

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