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StimTube Propellant Stimulation

Treat wells that have existing perforations, screens, slotted liner or open hole sections.

StimTube Propellant Stimulation

StimTube® consists of a hollow rod with propellant molded onto it, standard detonating cord is run through the ID of this rod to provide the ignition system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Single run perforating and stimulation for improved productivity or injectivity and greater uniformity in perforation breakdown.
  • Improved connectivity to the reservoir via the creation of micro fractures past near well bore damage.
  • Pre-hydraulic fracturing breakdown to reduce tortuous path, lower breakdown pressure and a reduction in horsepower required at location.
  • Improved stimulation of near-wellbore on zones that are threatened by nearby gas cap or water contact cannot be treated conventionally with acid or hydraulic fracturing.
  • Improved stimulation in carbonates and fractured reservoirs by creating micro fractures to enhance deeper acid penetration.
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