Sep 06 2018

A word from our CEO

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Welcome to our September edition of Paragraph our monthly newsflash highlighting news and information about the 4 product and services companies that form Paradigm Group.

As a group of technology-based companies, maintaining our intellectual property in the various markets we operate in is not an easy task. Getting the balance right between sharing experiences and promoting the value proposition of our products and services versus protecting the value of our know how is often a small margin. Our marketing team does a fantastic job in communicating the product value through animations, but it is difficult to capture the specific value proposition which is bespoke to each customer need. In many cases the customer does not know they need our product, as it is a relatively new alternative solution in the market. To overcome this challenge, we focus on direct customer engagement, especially with the end user. We thrive on creating confidence through our experience, intelligence and ground-breaking technology.

When deploying technologies that are new to a customer it is a critical cross road in the product implementation and one we take very seriously. It is extremely important that the product or service does exactly what it has been sold to do and meets (and exceeds) the customers’ expectations. At Paradigm we focus on providing ‘fit for purpose’ products and services that are delivered right first time, reliable, on-time and on-specification. This intent is framed in one of our CORE VALUES named PERFORM.

This edition highlights an excellent case study of how our Drilling Services business was called off a relatively short notice with one of our hole opening technologies. The PDS team delivered a right first-time service that has resulted in the customer lining up the tools and service for the next well.

Our customer engagement method solvemyproblem@paradigm.eucan be used as a tool for our customers to get in touch with their operational problems. Feel free to email us at this address with any industry related challenge from drilling, well intervention through to pipeline issues. We will have our experts look at the problem and gauge our existing portfolio suitability to solve or identify how quickly we could innovate a cost-effective solution.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Julian Manning

CEO, Paradigm Group B.V.

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