Dec 04 2020

Paradigm Group Recruits Key Role to Promote Their Innovative Technology via new Digital Platform.

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Paradigm Group headquartered in Groot-Ammers, the Netherlands, has recruited Alex Batten as Technical Visualisation Manager to strategically promote their technology to the industry. The appointment comes in response to the Group's strategic move of implementing new and dynamic ways to reach clients. Paradigm Group has invested in technical equipment to produce and direct their own televised webcasts, dutifully named ParaCast™; the Group plans to roll out a schedule of series to showcase their products and services live to general audiences as well as hosting private sessions for existing and new clients. The equipment will also be used to produce bespoke online client training and competency assurance modules to better facilitate the successful implementation of its products and services.

Paradigm’s CEO Julian Manning explains, “The world has evolved at an incredible pace in terms of the way we interact as individuals over the past 8 months. In response, we have taken the initiative to launch Paradigm TV, which incorporates our own studio production facility to drive the messages we would have traditionally carried out in customer board rooms and facilities around the world. We intend to perform full product experiences, remote training, factory acceptance tests, technical presentations, all live and direct from our Studio. The recruitment of Alex Batten, a qualified engineer with strong visualization skills will allow us to give our customers an experience that is much more engaging than a traditional Webinar”.

Alex Batten joined the Group last month and has already began implementing this new strategy for the Group: “I am delighted to be working for Paradigm; it is refreshing to be able to spearhead the visualisation ambitions of such a forward-thinking company. The marriage of virtual production and augmented reality technology to Paradigm’s interactive technical communications affords a degree of immersion and customer engagement unprecedented in the industry. The ParaCast™ programme will draw on my systems engineering, digital and design experience to deliver a lucid, dynamic and comprehensive presentation of Paradigm’s unique market offering.

Manning concludes, “We have worked really hard to ensure we are doing all we can to service our clients remotely. We are confident that Paradigm TV will revolutionize the way client relationships and collaborations are managed going forward”.

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