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WinchDrum PD02

WinchDrum PD02

The Paradigm Drums are made of high strength core, flanged sides and includes bearings and sprocket with single brake rim. PD02 Drum is designed to operate 0.160” OD Slick-E-line® on standard 3rd party winch units.

Application – Cased Hole

For mechanical slickline, production logging and ballistic services with one single 0.160” Slick-E-Line®.

Other wires:

  • 7/32” cable
  • 0.188” (3/16”) UltraLine®
  • 0.125” Slick-Fibre Optic line
  • 0.125” Slickline
  • 0.160” Slickline

Winch Drum includes:

  • Winch drum (c/w sprocket and bearings)
  • Winch drum is chain driven

This drum design can be positioned on the winch mount positions for on Paradigm E-winch units and on standard 3rd party winch units.

Please contact Paradigm to discuss details for any non-standard winch unit, designed by any 3rd party unit.
Download WinchDrum PD02 Datasheet

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