Umbilical Pressure Pulsing Unit


Umbilical Pressure Pulsing Unit

As a technology driven Service Company, our clients come to us looking for innovative solutions to their problems. An operator had a section of contaminated umbilical which required cleaning. Their options were limited, they could either risk plugging the other sections of pipe by pumping the contaminate into the well or pump it back to topsides. In addition to this, due to the location of the blockage, DSV intervention would be required no matter what solution would be used.

From this the idea of SUFU was born. The DSV would mobilise to location and would pump from one side of the blockage causing the material within the line to be pumped into our SUFU.

Because the sections were 8km in length the SUFU had to be able to be left in situ while the DSV located itself at the other end of the section. Our team of engineers were able to design a system which would allow for this and forgo the requirement of a second DSV.

Our original SUFU works for short term deployment but our clients wanted a longer term solution and within a more robust structure. We wanted to be able capture fluid and then take it back up to DSV from deeper waters. This would require a pressurised container, operable up to 250bar, and able to be deployable for up to a year. From this we developed an accumulator based SUFU which is able to fulfil these requirement. A PRV in the system mitigates the issues of pressure when returning from deployment and its robust structure guarantees integrity.

SUFU is currently patent pending

This is a product from Paradigm Flow Services

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