A fully enclosed, single lift compact cabin with dual drum configuration is directly available for use after it has been positioned on site. It is available to the most stringent certification levels.


  • Compact, ergonomic cabin winch unit Simplified controls Standard manual control
  • Digital, Analogue display of Depth, tension, speed and visualization
  • Constant speed, range between 0.2 and 1200 ft/min.
  • Constant tension control
  • Remote control from any well or office location
  • Real time communication with office for operational support


  • Reduced deck footprint
  • Reduced unit costs
  • Minimized crew requirements
  • Elimination of diesel engine and hydraulic oil
  • Ultra-slow logging speeds at 0.1 ft/min.
  • Automated speed
  • Programmable logging operations
  • Automatic jarring
  • Job performance monitoring
  • Line tension prediction per run
  • Line History and fatigue monitoring
Download ParaWinch Datasheet

Download ParaWinch Datasheet

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