Jul 31 2018

Case Study: Reamer® Successfully Eliminate NPT

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PDS Reamer CS Successfully Eliminate NPT temp image

Paradigm Reamer® subs Successfully Eliminate NPT associated with tight spots in the wellbore, and also improved drilling performance & hole quality.

An operator in the ME was looking for an alternative way of drilling vertical well sections in their most challenging field. They were looking for a solution which would increase ROP, help increase tripping speed and reduce non-productive time (NPT), associated with tight spots, which in some cases had led to wells being side tracked, or plugged and abandoned.


Previous drilling was characterised by the vertical surface sections requiring constant back reaming, wiper trips and relentless control of the ROP & drilling parameters to maintain verticality.


Two 12 ¼” Reamer® subs were placed in the BHA, to replace the Roller Reamers and to serve as low torque stabilisers in a stiff vertical drilling assembly. The well was drilled normally, with ROP only controlled periodically to avoid cuttings loading to prevent induced losses.


The section was drilled with a programmed wiper trip at the mid section, and at the end of the run. Neither of these wiper trips experienced any tight spots, and the BHA was POOH and 9 5/8” casing run without any problems whatsoever.

The client acknowledged that, neither wiper trip was probably necessary but, regardless, the well with the Reamer® subs had the lowest recorded trip hours of any of the previous 140+ wells drilled in the field.

Immediate Value to Client

Fastest ROP with Inclination kept under full control
Zero Non Productive Time, due to no tight spots.
Casing Run to Bottom Without Incident
subs POOH in Good Condition

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