Jul 04 2016

Case Study: Extreamer® Completes North Sea Reaming Operation After 78 Circulating Hours

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In one trip, reamer enlarges 933ft section from 6 ½” to 7 ¼"


In a Rotary Steerable BHA, underream whilst drilling a 900ft section from 6 ½” to 7 ¼” under arduous drilling conditions, through a tightly interbedded limestone formation, with a continuous 900ft sequence of chert nodules.

A customer in the North Sea needed to underream a section greater than 900ft under challenging conditions. The application would require the reamer to be robust, activate after drilling the casing shoe track and then underream whilst drilling 70° hole, for at least 900ft. Obviously the tool needed to reliably deactivate once the operation was complete.


Run the Paradigm Extreamer® with Premium PDC cutters.


Using the Paradigm Extreamer®, a 933ft section was enlarged from 6 ½” to 7 ¼” over 36 hours of drilling and 78 circulating hours.

Post-operational analysis of the run indicated the reamer performed perfectly, meeting all the operational objectives of the application and the customer successfully ran the liner. Upon inspection, the Paradigm Extreamer® with Premium PDC cutters was found to be fully functional.

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