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Diamond Reamer Stabiliser (DRS)

Increase the current rates of penetration in high angle borehole and improved stabilisation

Diamond Reamer Stabiliser (DRS)

The Diamond Reamer Stabiliser (DRS) is capable of providing string stabilisation in formations containing high concentrations of chert nodules. This will retain gauge over extended periods of use while at the same time having the capability to ream chert nodules, improve borehole geometry and significantly increase the current rates of penetration in high angle borehole containing high concentrations of chert. The DRS will achieve this by having non aggressive diamond hard faced (HF6000) stabilisation integrated with diamond reaming capability in a single stabiliser type tool.

This approach will ensure that while providing the required stabilisation, hard rock projections such as chert nodules within the borehole will be reamed away with minimum borehole deflection. The use of diamond reaming capability as an integral part of the stabiliser will also greatly increase the gauge life of the stabiliser and lead to optimised drilling performance.

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