Jun 08 2018

Paradigm Drilling Services awarded major contract

+ Drilling Services

Q2 2018: Paradigm Drilling Services (PDS) has secured a prestigious $4M multi year contract in the Middle East for a Major Oil and Gas company.

The contract requires PDS to provide its superior Bladed Drilling Reaming (BDR) tools to enhance drilling operations. A batch of tools were successfully prepared by staff at PDS’s UK facility and have been mobilised ready for operation.

In addition to this contract award, the Paradigm Drilling Services team are looking forward to further planned testing of the companies unique Traction Drill Collar (TDC) units in the Middle East.

The TDC offers benefits in lowering unwanted stick slip during drilling operations (watch the video here). In addition, following positive test results gained recently in the USA, significant reductions in toolstring vibration were measured. This could provide huge advantages to electronic componentry such as MWD during drilling operations lowering downhole tool failures, reducing non-productive time.