Tubing Cutters

Cut common tubing sizes from 2 3/8” to 7” O.D.

Tubing Cutters

The CleanCut Tubing Cutter is designed to cut common tubing sizes from 2 3/8” to 7” O.D., without damaging the outer string. The CleanCut Tubing Cutter is an explosive jet cutter with patented technology making it the most advanced on the market.

Cuts are clean, similar in quality to the chemical cutter which reduces the need for these high risk tools to be onsite. The CleanCut Tubing Cutter also uses a patented quality assurance process to ensure each batch keeps within a certain cutting performance tolerance.


  • Alternative to Chemical Cutter and Radial Cutting Torch
  • Can cut under tension and compression
  • Can be used in fluid or gas
  • HP/HT applications
  • Flaring maximum of 10% on diameter
  • Zero to minor pitting on external string
  • Can be conveyed on wireline, slickline, CT or tractor

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