RF Safe Systems

Maintain safe operations with explosives and eliminate accidental detonation

RF Safe Systems

The use of transmitters has drastically increased in recent years and will continue to do so. New frequencies are being utilised and there are an increasing number of mobile sources. This proliferation has made it increasingly difficult to maintain safe operations with explosives due to the increased likelihood of accidental detonation. Moreover, any given location will have a steadily increasing background level of RF energy, in part due to cumulation. Detection and measurement of this background energy is difficult and doesn’t account for any potential sporadic events.

As such, we at Paradigm Intervention Technologies, believe that the use of radio safe initiation systems is imperative for the safety of operations involving explosives. The detonator and igniter systems we utilise are primary explosive free and utilise Semi-Conductor Bridge technology, certified RF safe and allowing RF communications and other simultaneous operations to continue during explosive operations.

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