Nov 15 2018

A word from our CEO: Paradigm Group Global Expansion

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Paradigm Group CEO Julian Manning Paragraph

Welcome to our November Edition of Paragraph, the Paradigm Group newsletter.

I am pleased to confirm our plans for global expansion are well underway. Two key milestones that highlight this are our new offices in the Middle East and China. Our office in Dubai for Paradigm Drilling Services is represented with our Regional Manager, Middle East, Tariq Mohiuddin and our engagement with Chunsheng Fan (“Fan”) our representative in China covering Intervention services and products along with drilling. As a relatively compact organisation globalising its technologies; local capability and customer intimacy are essential ingredients when developing trusted business relationships around the World. We are excited to leverage these business outlets and create many more in other strategic locations for our products and services to be accessible.

As we continue to build our sales and customer support network, we rely on a strong digital presence and electronic marketing capability to give our customers a clear and concise understanding of how our unique technologies work and add true value. This can be challenging, especially considering many potential customers are not familiar with the technology or its methodology. For example; imagine being a freelance aerial photographer, hiring a plane a few days a week to take limited photos for a handful of customers. In the early days of drones, you would not have had an inclination that technology would be developed that could eliminate your reliance on the need to hire aircraft. In today’s World, aerial photographers operate photographic drones themselves and seldom hire light aircrafts. At Paradigm we must create the awareness of our technology today and ultimately a ‘mind-shift’ from current to new thinking. Although creating the ‘shift’ is generally a challenge in the Oil and Gas business where the stakes are high, we do make it happen and it becomes an even more rewarding experience, especially seeing our technologies save customers time and money whilst disrupting traditional methodologies. At Paradigm, this is what we come to work for.

I do hope you enjoy the content and please check out our website or get in touch should you wish to know more about how we make a difference.

Julian Manning
Chief Executive Officer
Paradigm Group B.V.

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