Sep 06 2018

In Focus: Paradigm Core Value: Perform: Extreamer® North America

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Paradigm Group In Focus Paradigm Value Perform Paragraph Paradigm Drilling Services - Extreamer™
Paradigm Group In Focus Paradigm Value Perform Paragraph Paradigm Drilling Services - Extreamer™

At Paradigm Group we continuously strive to PERFORM meaning ‘Right First Time, Reliable, On-Time and On-Specification’.

This core value reflects our work ethos at Paradigm Group. Our employees are passionate about delivery and going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our reliability and believe that communication with our customers is a key factor in achieving this.

A recent job completed in North America demonstrates this value in action. Our customer had an issue with casing operations on the horizontal section of their well. To minimise the risk of horizontal displacement and get a better cementing job, they decided to use Paradigm’s Extreamer® reamers to ream a pre-drilled hole. The main challenges of this were the hardness of the formations, drilling through chert, limestone and claystone, low rig capabilities and hole cleaning conditions.

The job required two of Paradigm’s Extreamer® reamers. The tools were delivered on time and both runs were completed in good timing. The customer was so pleased with the performance and results of Paradigm’s Extreamer® reamers that they are now planning more under reaming on their horizontal wells with extended displacement to achieve better conditions for casing operations and improved cementing jobs in future. The tools are already lined up for the next well.

“This most recent job is reminiscent of how we at Paradigm Drilling conduct our business. We work closely with our customers to really understand their needs to ensure we can deliver on our word. It makes for job satisfaction and happy customers, everyone is happy!” Herwin Cruz, Operations Manager, Paradigm Drilling Services, North America.

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