Oct 04 2018

In Focus: Paradigm Core Value: Develop: PULSE Cards

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Paradigm Group In Focus Develop Paragraph

At Paradigm Group we continually DEVELOP as individuals. We are fully open for learning and personal development to strengthen our team.

It is a core value we enforce at every available opportunity at Paradigm Group. We believe that if we are all developing as individuals, it makes for a better team, and thus produces better results.

A current example of how we practice this is our recent introduction of PULSE cards and suggestions. We have installed post boxes in all our offices complete with Pulse cards and suggestions cards.

The definition of PULSE cards is the following;

Principles and Understanding Leads to Safety Excellence

The installation of these post boxes allows employees the ability to record any safety concerns they see immediately, in a discrete manner. The suggestion forms allow for them to pose ideas in the same manner. The forms will be collated and monitored by HR, whom will pass on the details to the respective managers.

“This initiative is an excellent way to keep safety front of mind and to empower our employees." says Vicki MacAulay, HSEQ Coordinator, Paradigm Drilling Services, "We are an extremely safety-conscious company and we like to listen to our employees who are on the ‘front-line’, after all, they are the ones who will benefit the most from any safety improvements we can make."

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