Aug 10 2018

In Focus: Paradigm Policy: SAFETY

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Paradigm Group In Focus Safety Paragraph

Safety is a fundamental policy of our company and is deep-rooted in our culture; reflected in how we act through our personal and professional behaviour. Our Non-Negotiables are the principles of how we strive to ensure our operations are delivered safely and compliantly at all times, see diagram above.

One of these is ‘Dropped Object Prevention’ which falls under our ‘Risk Management’ theme, meaning that we whether it is a job we have undertaken, or whether identifying potential dropped objects from a previous job, it is non-negotiable not to report and remove if it is safe to do so.

We act with safety as a priority always, no matter the situation; we trust our employees implicitly on this premise, and in return our employees are confident in every action and decision they undertake.

A classic example of how Paradigm employees demonstrate this confidence is how a team reacted to a potential safety threat whilst on a job. Whilst working at height, conducting Integrity Management Inspections on a client’s Deluge System, our Topside Offshore Team at Paradigm Flow Services identified several Potential Dropped Objects (PDO’s). These PDO’s were removed and brought safely down to deck level. These actions removed a serious threat to asset personnel's safety.

“This is just one example of how our team go above and beyond to meet and exceed customer needs. Demonstrating the level of ownership and ability to confidently raise safety awareness to improve the overall situation. This example also leads to a call to improve systems for equipment accountability to prevent incidents in future”. Peter Hall, HSSEQ Manager at Paradigm Flow Services Ltd

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