May 26 2021

Paradigm Group and FABRICAN form Strategic Alignment

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Paradigm Group and FABRICAN form Strategic Alignment for the Protection and Maintenance of Fire Protection Assets and Infrastructure in Norway.

Paradigm Group, headquartered in Groot-Ammers, The Netherlands, has announced a strategic alliance with French/Norwegian owned FABRICAN, an EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation) & Technology company as their agent for the promotion of their dry deluge technology, Dry-Flo® and its associated products in Norway.

The FABRICAN team have over 40 years of unique knowledge and experience of the Norwegian continental shelf and onshore industries. The agreement will actively market and introduce Dry-Flo® 4.0, the world’s leading digital dry deluge testing system, to the Norwegian market.

Daniel McCormick, Director of Fire Services at Paradigm Group comments, “FABRICAN is a fully digital EPCI and Technology company focused on developing new sustainable technologies, they are therefore well placed to promote our ground-breaking Dry-Flo® 4.0 products and services. Our Dry- Flo® technology is proposed as both a deluge service testing with temporary equipment or as permanent installation, allowing unmanned remote periodic testing to take place, without disruption to the fire protection system or the area it has been installed to protect. Enhanced system interrogation enables targeted inspection maintenance activities. Dry-Flo® 4.0 is a DNV-GL verified technology and able to push back wet testing by ten years. With FABRICAN’s duty of care approach to asset protection aligning with ours, we’re confident this will be a prosperous relationship for us both.”

Faisal M. Dahman, Managing Director of FABRICAN agrees, “We are excited to partner with Paradigm to promote their fire protection dry deluge technology. FABRICAN was setup this year by separating out the EPCI capabilities from CAN merging it with Fabricom’s 40-year legacy, combining the best from both companies. As a fully digital company utilizing the top edge collaboration/visualization/VR/AR tools to enhance the quality and the efficiency in projects, our experience allows us to embrace robust commercial models, like Paradigm’s Dry-Flo® technology, for today’s rapidly changing market. We are impressed by the Dry-Flo® technology and its ability to safely performance test deluge fire protection systems, with limited resources required in the process. This is unique, as it offers a safer, more economical, and sustainable means of deluge testing and inspection, using less resources such as people and water. Paradigm, like us, are forward thinkers, who put our client needs and safety before anything else, so we are confident we’re at the start of a successful partnership.”

McCormick concludes, “We’re really proud that our technology is diverse and can achieve deluge testing in a more sustainable manner. We’re constantly looking for lower carbon footprint and efficiency improvements for asset protection. We look forward to working closely with FABRICAN to further Dry-Flo’s® sustainable and proven capability ”.

Learn more about Dry-Flo® click: www.Dry-Flo.com. For all sales enquiries please mail flow@paradigm.eu

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