Mar 23 2023

Paradigm Group Completes First Deepwater In-Riser Installation Using its Flexi-Coil® Technology.

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Flexi Coil on the deepwater production facility in the Gulf of Mexico

Paradigm Flow Services (part of the Paradigm Group), a production & asset integrity solutions provider, has successfully completed its first installation of an in-riser velocity string using its Flexi-Coil® technology, a flexible coiled tubing system developed for complex riser-flowline interventions.

This first of its kind artificial lift solution will benefit operators of deepwater FPSOs and semi-submersible production platforms, who are looking for ways to increase oil recovery from existing assets that do not have the direct vertical access normally required for installation of velocity strings or gas injection tubing inside production risers. The engineering, procurement and installation scope involved related to a deepwater operator’s subsea tieback to a floating production facility, located 130 miles southeast of New Orleans in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Flexi-Coil’s ability to navigate the multiple pipe bends running from the platform down to the production riser via the pontoon allowed the velocity string to be hung-off at surface, rather than beneath the waterline as is usually required when using conventional techniques. This eliminated the requirement for subsea construction activity in the facility’s splash zone, reducing overall cost by approximately 60% while delivering a 30% increase in oil production.

Kevin Keogh, Paradigm’s VP of Commercial, added: “This project signifies a successful outcome in our journey towards the diversification of our Flexi-Coil® technology and we’re thankful to our client for entrusting us with our maiden deployment. Our goal now is to proliferate this solution across the deepwater market globally, enabling other clients to rapidly react to and capitalize upon improved market conditions by offering a comparatively low-cost, short-cycle artificial lift solution to improve recovery from subsea wells.”

For all enquiries, please e-mail flow@paradigm.eu or visit paradigm.eu/flow-services for more information.

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