Mar 16 2020

Paradigm Group Donates Defibrillator to Local Community Council

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Paradigm Group Donate Defibrillator

Paradigm Drilling Services (PDS), part of Paradigm Group based in Inverurie Aberdeenshire, have donated one of their defibrillators to a local community council.

The company, who shares its offices with sister companies Paradigm Intervention Technologies and Paradigm Flow Services, embrace a safety-conscious culture where all employees are mindful of colleague safety and wellbeing. The Group celebrated its biggest achievement in 2019, when the Paradigm companies covering Drilling, Well Intervention and production operations achieved a perfect HSE year, meaning no Lost Time Incidents, no first aid treatments, no environmental spills and no recordable incidents globally.

Kevin Langan, PDS’s Managing Director explains, “As a Group we are mindful of health and safety and the processes and procedures needed in an emergency. As a local company, we are aware of the needs of the community, so we are very pleased to be in a position to donate this vital piece of life-saving equipment”.

Kintore Community Council have been concerned for some time about the lack of PADs (Public Access Defibrillator’s) in their town. Alan Milne, First Responder, has been part of a Project Team looking at financing the initial target of 4 devices to be located in suitable locations where they can be sited and have awareness training issues, he comments “We are very grateful that Paradigm Group have decided to donate this defibrillator, which will be a great boost to the project”.

According to the British Heart Foundation, less than 1 in 10 people survive a sudden cardiac arrest. Last year alone (2019) a huge 170,000 people died due to heart and circulatory problems, equating to an average of 460 people a day. Defibrillators work by giving a high energy shock to the heart of a someone who is in cardiac arrest. For every minute it takes for the defibrillator to reach someone and deliver a shock, their chances of survival reduce by up to 10%. This life saving equipment can restart hearts after cardiac arrest within a few minutes of use meaning often a victim can make a full recovery. At the moment there are over 10,000 defibrillators in the UK*.

For more information about Paradigm Group please contact info@paradigm.eu

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